Our Mission is to produce Balinese wines that can challenge Global brands.

Pure italian wine grown and produced in Bali


The Cantine Balita project started in 2012 with a simple goal: to produce quality wines of international standard in Bali’s tropical climate. Following Italy’s winemaking culture while testing and implementing new ideas, we aimed to produce high-quality wines in Bali.

The journey was a challenge. Our team spent two years on research, experimentation, and agricultural redevelopment to match the required standard. Staying true to our vision, we managed to create a unique agronomy program producing the first batches of Isola Wine in 2014, meeting our quality standard.

Our philosophy stands for non-negotiable quality, sustainability, and organic agricultural practices. We are proud of our Balinese roots and support and encourage the development of sustainable local businesses across Indonesia. We strive to bring the best cultural heritage from Italy to produce products of high-quality international standards, made 100% locally.

“Growing high-quality grapes locally is the core of our business.”

Agung Bagus Pratiksa Linggih
Founder & CEO


In 2012 we embarked on our mission to produce authentic, high-quality organic Italian wine variations in Bali. This period marked the beginning of the long road cultivating our vineyards and developing a unique agronomy program in the tropics.

2014 was the year we released our first and limited batch of wine to the market. Two years of relentless experimentation, research, and development, as well as an iron will to succeed without compromising our non-negotiable quality standards, were required to reach this milestone in our history.

Today, in 2020, our vineyards are mature and fully productive, and our winery is operating at full capacity. The quality of our wine is continuously improving and beating our expectations, as we continue to fine-tune our production process.

We are now eight years into the development of Isola Wines, and we have only just started. There is a lot more to come in the years ahead, and you can expect great things from us!

“I always believed since the beginning that we could make Balinese wine at international standard.” 

Lorenzo Giotto Castiglioni 
Marketing & Strategy Director / COO 


Cantine Balita is a Balinese boutique winery that specializes in growing high-quality grapes, by combining Italian viticulture knowledge with Balinese agricultural traditions.

Cantine in Italian means wine cellars, where wine is stored and aged.

Balita stands for Bali and Italy, and the close partnership we have formed with this project.

Isola means island in Italian.

Our winemaking heritage stems from the Italian island of Sicily. Bali and Sicily share fundamental similarities for winemaking, such as the volcanic soil and hot climates. Both are exceptional islands with great history and tradition; therefore, we decided to name our wine Isola.




Agung Bagus Pratiksa Linggih

Founder / CEO


Giotto Castiglioni

Marketing & Strategy Director / COO


Giacomo Anselmi

Winemaker & Agronomist


A.A. Putra Sumarshana Willys

Winery Manager & Assistant Winemaker


Non-negotiable quality.

The sky is the limit when we refer to our non-negotiable quality. We decided to produce authentic Italian wine in Bali, and we agreed to do whatever it would take to make our dream come true.

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Problems are opportunities.

The journey to where we are today was a challenge, yet we never shied away from our goal of creating wines of international standard in Bali.

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Less is more.

We believe in the principle of less is more in all aspects of life, and we have adopted this approach in our company culture. Less work, but better work ensures a better quality of life, better products, better teamwork, happier staff, and a healthier environment.

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Drink local, think global.

At Cantine Balita, we believe in “made local” and “made in Bali.”
By merging Italian viticulture knowledge with traditional Balinese agriculture, we made it possible to produce high-quality wines in Bali that match famous international wine labels. 

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