At Cantine Balita we believe that hard work and passion can oversee any challenge.
Come have a taste and see for yourself how we made the first italian variety wine in the tropics.

Explore winery

Visit our Winery in the north of Bali, located in the mountainous region of Desa Tajun, Singaraja. 

Learn how we produce the only authentic Italian wine varieties in Bali, at Cantine Balita. You will have a private tour with one of our winemakers who will happily assist you and answer all of your questions.

Enjoy your free wine tasting, right after the tour!


Explore vineyard

Come and see our stunning vineyards, located on the coast of Singaraja, within 200 meters of the beach. The Balinese agricultural tradition has, over time, developed a unique grape cultivating technique. Our vineyards look quite different from vineyards you might see in Europe or the USA.

Bali’s volcanic soil is very similar to the soil in the volcanic island of Sicily. The soil is very fertile, and the tropical climate allows for the robust growth of the vines.


Wine & vine Exploration

We recommend this combo tour, where you visit both the Winery and the Vineyards. You can choose to visit either the Winery or the Vineyard first, then head on to the second location where our staff will meet you for your tour.

If you chose this package, you can pre-order lunch or afternoon snacks with locally made, authentic Italian and French cheese at our Winery.



At Cantine Balita, we provide a free comprehensive training course for all our clients and staff. We explain how we grow high-quality grapes in a tropical climate and what makes our Isola wine special.

The best part, we even come to train you at your location, or you can choose to visit us at our winery. If you visit our winery, we can provide an even more personalized and first-hand experience. You can see and learn about the winemaking process with your own eyes and also meet and talk with our winemakers.

Our goal is to provide your staff with in-depth knowledge of our unique Italian – Balinese history, tradition, and winemaking process. We aim to train your team to be the next expert winemakers, and for them to learn what makes Isola’s wine the best and only natural wine, grown and made 100% in Bali.

Reserve Training